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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Is it a private school? Is it a homeschool? What’s the difference?

We’re Glad You Asked!

LOMSAA is not a what—it’s a WHO. We are a community of believers committed to discipling young leaders-in-the-making within positive peer-group interactions and a culture of honor, respect, and Christian love.

“What Did You Say Your Name Was Again?”

You can affectionately call us “LOMSAA,” short for Living Oaks Middle School Academic Alliance. We know our name is a bit of a mouthful, but there’s a lot about us to chew on.

We’re a uniquely designed Christian middle school enrichment program, combining stellar academics with real-life Christian discipleship. During the life stage when kids are most malleable, we aim to build emotional confidence and essential reasoning skills. We do this within a dynamic, spiritually connected, teacher-parent environment.

Is LOMSAA a “Real” School?

Yes. In our day-to-day school and classroom routine, LOMSAA combines the structure and curriculum of traditional middle school but adds the freedom to personalize instruction within a Biblical worldview framework.

  • We are built around community interactions within a small, safe environment that fosters trust, independence and accountability.

  • We rely on parental involvement in decisions pertaining to student development and rely on the contribution of each family to help shape and establish the spiritual life of their child.

  • When it comes to reinforcing the guiding principles prioritized in your home, you’re actually choosing us to come alongside you!

Our comfortable, casual setting feels like a homecoming. We’re warm, friendly, and you just might take in the aroma of something sweet wafting from our kitchen (from home economics class) when you come through our doors. We’re neither a homeschool group nor a conventional school, but draw from both in mood and management.

LOMSAA Students Excel in Academics

Located at a Bible-teaching church in Newbury Park, LOMSAA’s caring, fulltime, accredited teachers teach core academic classes to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students within a traditional classroom setting.

Class sizes are small, allowing for flexibility, personalization, and high levels of participation and interaction between students and teachers—a key factor in how personal and connected relationships are grown at our school.

Students are encouraged to reach out to teachers well after instruction time with questions on assignments or when they need clarification on an assignment or extra help.

There’s also a teacher-led, after-school math club that meets for those needing review or wanting to move ahead.

When We Meet

Our school meets 5 days a week and is fully staffed with teachers who are subject-matter experts. Students change classes, have lockers, backpacks, textbooks, enjoy snack and nutrition breaks, and lunch on the patio. Like traditional school, there’s even a school supply list for the much anticipated back-to-school-shopping outing.

Is there a Uniform?

Students follow a dress code requirement of simplicity and modesty (nothing that will break a bank account nor have you running all over town for the “right” wardrobe essentials), and a pair of tennis shoes or sneakers is about as formal as we get.

Do You Ever Leave Campus?

We know that learning takes place by seeing and doing and we prioritize learning beyond the classroom. In the Fall, 6th and 7th graders retreat to the mountains for an outdoor educational camp experience at Hume Lake while in the Spring, 8th graders fly to the east coast for a week-long historical tour adventure.

Additionally, regular field trips are scheduled to enhance students’ learning experience. Transportation is provided by the parents, making for fun and safe rides and relationship-building without high costs nor time constraints. Our rich variety of outings include:

  • Nature hikes for physical exercise and experiencing God’s creation

  • Historical sites to gain awareness and philosophical perspective

  • Theater performances to build an appreciation for the arts, and other excursions throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

  • Parent-suggested field trips to give students exposure in science, wildlife and the human experience.

LOMSAA Students Lead with Christ

Yes, we’re focused on academics and providing a rock-solid education, but there’s so much more we build into our students’ education. We know SATs and college prep classes are around the corner, and that the pathway to high school may differ for each teen.

Regardless of where students continue their education after leaving LOMSAA, our primary mission is to establish and deepen our middle-schoolers’ personal walk and faith in Jesus Christ. This exposure does not take place solely in a single block of time nor in one dedicated class, but cultivated throughout the day, everyday, in all we do.

LOMSAA fosters spiritual growth through prayer, weekly Pastoral messages from the church’s on-staff youth pastor, visiting youth Pastors in the Conejo community, conviction classes for boys and girls, devotions, student worship band, chapel, and apologetics training—all in one week!

By prioritizing a relationship with Christ, LOMSAA gives students the opportunity to apply the Biblical principles they are learning and apply them into the issues they may wrestle with personally like conflicts with friend groups, peer pressure or self worth. We desire that families embrace, discuss and reinforce the spiritual truths of the Bible to establish Godly character, integrity and Christlike virtues.

How Else Do You Help Solidify Students’ Faith?

Because a Christ-centered focus is at the heart of the school’s foundation, we are distinguished by a discipleship-minded approach to learning.

What does that look like off paper?

Students are pushed to test the limits of their faith, by practicing what they profess to believe. It’s where the rubber meets the hard road of reality. LOMSAA has a long term vision of giving students the tools they need to meet the challenges ahead of them—long after these few, short years have passed.

We create scenarios where students role play (conversationally), so they can be prepared to respond with confidence and clarity when their beliefs are challenged by a non-believing culture of their peers.

And There’s More….LOMSAA Students Experience Variety in Life Skill and Elective Activities

LOMSAA students love to be enriched! In addition to core classes, we offer workshops led by parents and professionals who have a particular expertise or talent. (Click here to see list of classes.)

Whether it’s woodshop, creative writing, cooking up a (controlled!) storm in the kitchen or designing simple clothes or clever crafts… Our life skill classes offer students hands-on learning opportunities so they can develop proficiency, confidence around accomplishment, while maturing into independent young adults who possess a versatile and faceted breadth of knowledge.

LOMSAA Families Grow Together in Partnership

Families are the hub of our spiritual community, and therefore, applicants are interviewed to insure a mutual desire to partner together during their child’s enrollment season.

Parents complement our program in their unity, sharing diverse gifts and interests in a collaborative effort to enrich and advance their student’s spiritual growth. From that foundation, each student is supported to succeed in academic, social and emotional growth.

LOMSAA Parents are Involved

We don’t view participation as a routine clocking-in and clocking-out, but a fun and meaningful volunteer opportunity that comes from a desire to integrate your gifts and time into our community.

Each year’s new student body creates a vibrant, unique Christ-centered family atmosphere that embraces diversity within our genuine, loving environment. Because of our commitment to unity in service, LOMSAA requires that at least one parent lead or assist in a minimum of one area of service in order to fully execute projects and learning opportunities.

Anything Else I Need to Know?

We appreciate that you have taken the time to explore and consider LOMSAA! Several points we just want to share before wrapping up:

LOMSAA’s competitive school year calendar begins in late August and concludes in May. We have four quarters, two semesters, and students receive progress reports and letter grades. Additionally, we allocate time for parent-teacher conferences in the Fall to discuss your child’s growth, process and pacing.

All students are required to be at school Monday thru Friday and prepared to learn from 8:15am —2:30pm. We honor punctuality, respect, and a full commitment to classroom expectations and completion of work and assignments. We do assign homework, but we promise, our goal is not to assign busy work nor have your child up until 11:00pm.

Unlike traditionally staffed schools equipped with a front office, LOMSAA does not provide after-school childcare, guidance counselors or a nursing staff. But we do accept the involvement of parents in these and many other capacities!

We reside in a beautiful church with plenty of parking—this makes LOMSAA administration, students and parents kind of like guests, only without a check out date! Therefore, we always want to be respectful to our hosts by giving physical care to the building and property.

LOMSAA requires health records for all its registered students.

A resource teacher is available to support students on an IEP or 504 education plan. Academic accommodations can be made to meet the learning needs of students requiring special assistance.

In addition to your volunteer time, one or both parents are required to attend monthly, parent meetings held by the director and teachers.

Officially Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve read WHO LOMSAA is, we invite YOU to prayerfully consider joining our community! Children grow up all at once, and the environment in which they are schooled during these years of influence after elementary school and before full-fledged young adulthood, can’t be repeated. Come find out if we’re a fit for your child and in helping to make disciples in this unique learning environment!

(Photo by Anastasiya Gepp from Pexels)

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