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A typical day for a LOMSAA student...

Working with adults to solve real-life problems... Gaining practical wisdom through experience.

At LOMSAA, we see your students as young adults. We work with them to train them, and then set them free. What happens when a middle schooler is treated like a leader?



Academics are important.  So we make sure our honors-level curriculum is current and can also be differentiated for the individual child.  It is teacher-led, to fully engage the critical mind of the developing student.  If a student is struggling in a particular subject, they have an opportunity to gain further instruction in our resource department.  We want no child left behind. 


We believe more important than academic achievement is the character development and practical wisdom they gain when they tackle hard, adult-sized projects under the guidance of adults who personally invest in their growth (spiritually, intellectually, emotionally) and mentor them into maturity.


What they achieve is only limited by the array of opportunities we open to them. So we open wide... there is a generation waiting to learn from one like YOU.



Want your student to learn from the best? They will, because YOU are what makes LOMSAA work! We can't wait to hear your ideas...

NEED MORE INFO? Click the GREEN button and hear what past parents have to say about the LOMSAA EXPERIENCE!

Our families are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully. By sharing what you do in the "real world" organizations you serve, our students's interests are sparked and they learn practical LifeSkills from our many workshops, in-class guests and field trips--organized and led by parents like you!

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